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Websites are a great way to get your business “out there” even in the computer driven age we are in there are still many businesses that do not have a web presence.  Creating a web presence for your business is important but what is more important is knowing if that presence is working for you or if your just paying for web space.  We have come up with a way to track your web and phone traffic to precisely answer that question.  As finite as recorded calls and recording i.p. addresses with geographic location.  We can give you answers you’ve only wondered about in the past.  We help you weed out what is working for you and what is not.  Visit our website to learn more and to see how we can help your business.

Back Linking

Back-linking is an important item in getting web traffic to your site.  There are some rules that apply (otherwise there would be chaos) to make it effective.  Linking to irrelevant sites or content will hurt your score and your business.  Linking to everything you can find is not always a good idea, use discretion if your doing it yourself or ask your SEO company or representative to double check to ensure they use quality links to your site.


One of the features available to our clients is your own blog hosted on your own site not some place else. The advantage is that instead of driving traffic to some place else you send that traffic to your own site.  So now your asking if that is the case then why am I blogging here instead of on my own site.  Fact of the matter is this, it takes both to be effective.  If people don’t know about your site how are they going to know you have a blog.  So we use outside blog post to help send that traffic to the site and convert that traffic into “on site” blog readers.  Sounds simple but it does take time and effort.


Websites are valuable tools for any business and just like any tool it only works as good as the person using it.  If you treat your website as a burden and an unimportant tool to your business that is exactly what it will become.  Use your most powerful tool and let it work for you not against you.  A great website is a great tool for your business, let us build you a great tool for your business.


Visit our web site to see the many different ways we can help your business.  From complete websites to consulting services we are here to service your marketing and internet needs.  Our easy to use system makes it easy for you to make on the fly changes on a daily or even hourly basis if necessary.  Add your own products to an ecommerce store or change your pictures it’s as easy as 123.

web sites

Web sites are work and most people don’t realize the work that goes into them.  Some think they can call a web development company and say “here is what I do build me a website”.  If you do that you will get a web site but most likely it will not be what you want.  As web developers we can’t possibly know every industry out there or be able to accurately depict what you do in your office even if we know the industry.  So you must be involved in the build process so your personal insight and preferences are reflected.  No self-respecting business wants a site like the next guy so take the time and get involved with your designer.  You both will be much happier in the end.

website usage

Most businesses want to know what their traffic is like so they can figure some sort of conversion ratio.  With the ability to track hits and clicks geographically we can help you narrow down those hits to the relevant ones and get you the most accurate conversion ratio possible.  Our platform also gives you the ability to see which page has the most traffic along with a host of other features.  Visit our site, take the tour and watch the videos and see what all we can do for your business.