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Earth Day

Everyone has the ability to reduce, reuse and recycle in some aspect of their life. Using electronic forms and paperless billing is not only safer and easier to use, there is a potential to save millions of pounds of paper each and every year.

New Website

We have just launched a new web site for Directional.  New graphics, content and new offerings for our clients. Also check out our new publication coming this summer.

Page Titles

We are asked daily for help in making a website show up prominently in Google and other search engines.
(We can recommend firms that specialize in search engine optimization, but before you spend the thousands of dollars a year that true search engine optimization costs, we suggest you do “the basics” with us. It will cost you very little in comparison and many of our clients have found their entries on the first page of Google after a few months, with no other efforts.)

A proper website

Web sites are work and most people don’t realize the work that goes into them.  Some think they can call a web development company and say “here is what I do build me a website”.  If you do that you will get a web site but most likely it will not be what you want.  As web developers we can’t possibly know every industry out there or be able to accurately depict what you do in your office even if we know the industry.  So you must be involved in the build process so your personal insight and preferences are reflected.  No self-respecting business wants a site like the next guy so take the time and get involved with your designer.  You both will be much happier in the end.

Summer time

Summer time is an opportune time to explore new ideas for your business.  The change in season brings new ideas to light and sparks minds that have laid dormant through the winter.  Let Directional Marketing Solutions help put those new ideas into action and create new streams of revenue for your business.

Website Traps

As many or most of you know almost anyone can go to a domain provider ( Go Daddy, Intuit, Homestead etc…..) and in little to no time throw together a website.  The claims are to get you and or your business “found” on major search engines.  While that may be true, they don’t tell you what page it might be and they don’t tell you that all the optimization is done to benefit them not you so if you were to move your site or decide not to use their service any longer you loose everything from a ranking perspective.  Saving the money up front can ultimately cost you more in the long run.  With our platform and built in SEO the rank you build is yours. It follows your site and benefits your business not ours or some “big name” provider.  Contact us today and let us build you an online presence that benefits you.

follow the business

In today’s times as business men and women we must become adaptable to the ever changing economy and private sector.  In some instances taking your business to another state or even just a different area of your home state becomes necessary in order to “pay the bills”.  Let us help you adapt your business to a new area and get you started on the right foot.

Website Grades

There are several tools available to grade websites.  Finding one that encompasses everything is difficult but we think we have found one that covers the most important features which allows us to improve our sites scores to help out customers.  It does absolutely nothing for us to score a site other than it enables us to help out customers which is why we do what we do.  If it were about us then we would find a scoring system that rated us the best.  In a recent analysis of a potential customer’s site we discovered something staggering to some but nothing new to us.  I really decent looking site with clean text and graphics scored a 6.  Why a 6 you ask.  Well it’s simple.  When the site was built it was built with no sense of order in the way the files are organized, it has no SEO built into it and has zero “keyword” text in it.  Just because a site looks good on the outside doesn’t mean it looks good on the inside and as the old saying goes…..”it’s what’s on the inside that matters”.  Visit our site today and contact us so we can help you fix what’s on the inside of your site by rebuilding the outside.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to advertise and spread the word about your business.  Let us help you build  your social media and blog profiles to help increase traffic to your site and help grow your business.  Always separate you personal profiles from your business profiles to maintain a professional appearance.


Websites have become more than just an online advertisement.  They are now a place people go to in order to get information about products, services and people among other things.  Having an information loaded site is crucial in obtaining and retaining customers.  The more informed people are the better they feel when they make a buying decision.  If they have received plenty to information from your site the it increases your chances of converting them from a visitor to a customer.