New Websites

Whether you want a fresh new look for your website or don’t have one and aren’t sure where to start. We have a solution for you. From upgrades to a complete turn key website we can get your business up and running on the web in as little as three weeks in some cases.  While your thinking about it your competition is doing it.


Monthly Special

Print Special This month – Post Cards 4×6 full color on both sides UV coated on Front 16pt. Cardstock 5,000 for $127.50 that’s .025 cents per piece.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is crucial to any successful business.  It is the absolute best way to increase your rank on google, your page rank on major search engines and ultimately increase your bottom line. It would take me hours to explain the benefits and all the steps necessary for an effective SEO campaign.  A few of you reading this have already taken steps to implement SEO through us. If you have not done this yet I urge you to get in touch with Autumn and speak with her in regards to how a SEO campaign can work for you and the benefits it can bring.

Earth Day

Everyone has the ability to reduce, reuse and recycle in some aspect of their life. Using electronic forms and paperless billing is not only safer and easier to use, there is a potential to save millions of pounds of paper each and every year.

New Website

We have just launched a new web site for Directional.  New graphics, content and new offerings for our clients. Also check out our new publication coming this summer.

Our Newest Website!

Our latest website just finished for a Lubbock Flagship Business for over 30 years we are proud to be associated with.

Page Titles

We are asked daily for help in making a website show up prominently in Google and other search engines.
(We can recommend firms that specialize in search engine optimization, but before you spend the thousands of dollars a year that true search engine optimization costs, we suggest you do “the basics” with us. It will cost you very little in comparison and many of our clients have found their entries on the first page of Google after a few months, with no other efforts.)