Lubbock Web Development and Web Site Design.

There are several ways to approach web design. Many internet providers provide solutions. Hosting and URL agencies provide avenues to create your own website but what they don’t tell you are these three things.
1) The site you build will be tagged in a manner that will promote their business and not yours.
2) If you decide to change providers the site you built won’t be able to be moved with you because……
3) You discover that what you’ve been paying for all along was never really yours to begin with. (We see it a lot and it is a dirty trick)

One of our newer clients fell victim to all of these and didn’t realize it until it was to late. Even the most savvy business owners don’t catch the things above. As a result we are totally constructing a new site for them that is theirs, SEO friendly for Them (not us), and theirs to take with them and do what they like.

Another fatal mistake some business owners make is thinking they can tackle a website on their own only to find that they get in over their head very soon. In the end it cost them more than had they gone with a company designed to build websites that know all the ins and outs and have the programs and software to accomplish what they want.

We at Directional Marketing Solutions hope you don’t fall victim to the things mentioned above. At the very least let us take a look at your platform and what you want to accomplish to keep you out of a situation you could avoid. Of course we hope you choose us for your next design, revision or other projects but understand if you don’t. Call us or send us an email for more details and to set up a free consultation.

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