Website reality

So many times we have visited with clients about websites and what they have to discover they don’t really know what they have.  Yesterday we were faced with the reality of telling another client that the company who built their website basically is holding it hostage and if they stop using them they loose their site.  Why would someone pay in the neighborhood of $2,000 dollars for something and not own it? It’s like ordering a meal at a restaurant and having to give it back when you leave. Sure it was good while you were there but it left a bad taste in your mouth on the way out.  “Big Name” web development companies do that so they can make money like crazy and shuffle clients in like cattle.  A chiropractor friend of ours wanted a new website and in the process of searching for ideas I ran across three other chiropractor sites that were exactly the same as his no wonder that when you typed his specific name into google his website wasn’t even listed.  Obviously we fundamentally disagree with these practices and believe and will always believe that if you pay for a website from us, if and when you decide to go some place else your site goes with you……unless you don’t want it.  We are in business to help business not make it harder.  Hopefully this will make a few people stop and think about their web developer and give you a bit of an insight into our moral philosophy.

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