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Visit our web site to see the many different ways we can help your business.  From complete websites to consulting services we are here to service your marketing and internet needs.  Our easy to use system makes it easy for you to make on the fly changes on a daily or even hourly basis if necessary.  Add your own products to an ecommerce store or change your pictures it’s as easy as 123.

search optimization

I see countless companies each day promising to get your business on the first page of google for little to no money.  While it all sounds good and does a real good job of luring you in.  It’s just not reality.  It takes time and effort to get on that first page organically and money to get there otherwise.  No one, I repeat no one knows the algorithm that google and other search engines use and anyone claiming too is giving you false information.  Think about it, if one person knew or figured it out, it would be all over the net and publicized.  Truth is this,  it takes time and effort and most importantly proper web site construction to get on that first page.  I can never repeat this enough.  Our platform has optimization built it, it’s so simple to use it’s not fair to the competition.  Does 300 visits to your site a week sound good?  If you want to experience that sort of traffic get in touch with us today and let us show you the proof.

Spring website cleaning

While the title may sound a little off there really is some truth in it.  Spring time brings on a surge of revenue for some business owners.  In order to make sure your business is ready for the upcoming spring season have some “house cleaning” done on your website.  Making sure hours and days of operation are up to date, phone numbers are correct, post extended hours and reemphasize your key selling points.  All these things are basic housekeeping items that can make all the difference in a missed call and a great opportunity.  If you don’t have the ability to make these changes yourself and would like to be able to do so.  Contact us today so we can give you that ability.

Economic choices

Websites don’t have to be expensive to be affective.  Sometimes the most affective site can be the most simple one simply because it was built the correct way.  Fancy flash, walk on narration by a super model will get you nowhere if it isn’t all put together correctly on the “backside” .  Our properly built sites will get you more traffic generically (free) than you ever thought possible.  Our last customer is receiving between 250 and 380 visits per week with NO PAY PER CLICK and I can prove it to you.  Contact us today to see what we can offer your business and hey it even works for personal sites as well.


Websites are a great way to attract business and retain customers.  Most people have on line business cards or flyers with no real call to action or a way to capture information.  That’s why we refer to what we do as on line businesses.  What we do is more than a web site, it’s a true on line business and if you run it like one it will work for you.


As I look at various web sites through out the day, it becomes more and more obvious that so many businesses are “taken” by companies that claim to know what they are doing.  In reality all they are producing are “cookie cutter” sites with no optimization factors and now logic in they way they are built.  Business owners only hurt themselves in the long run by choosing this option.  Sure it saves you money today but the old adage is true………you get what you pay for.

web sites

While browsing through ads and such in Lubbock Texas I ran across several “local” web site builders claiming to do all these great things and really played up the whole home town image.  Don’t you know you can’t fool someone from Texas.  If you do a little research you’ll find that some of those “local” businesses are really from California or India or some other place and not next door like they claim to be.  Others claim all these results and all this experience but never really show you proof.  Since we are planning on moving to Lubbock in the near future (June) I can’t wait to tap into that market there and give business owners what they deserve and have been missing.  A true on line business, not just a flyer posted on the internet (which is what most websites are).  Go check out our site and you’ll see what I mean and then contact us for more details.