Lubbock Web Development and Web Site Design.

There are several ways to approach web design. Many internet providers provide solutions. Hosting and URL agencies provide avenues to create your own website but what they don’t tell you are these three things.
1) The site you build will be tagged in a manner that will promote their business and not yours.
2) If you decide to change providers the site you built won’t be able to be moved with you because……
3) You discover that what you’ve been paying for all along was never really yours to begin with. (We see it a lot and it is a dirty trick)

One of our newer clients fell victim to all of these and didn’t realize it until it was to late. Even the most savvy business owners don’t catch the things above. As a result we are totally constructing a new site for them that is theirs, SEO friendly for Them (not us), and theirs to take with them and do what they like.

Another fatal mistake some business owners make is thinking they can tackle a website on their own only to find that they get in over their head very soon. In the end it cost them more than had they gone with a company designed to build websites that know all the ins and outs and have the programs and software to accomplish what they want.

We at Directional Marketing Solutions hope you don’t fall victim to the things mentioned above. At the very least let us take a look at your platform and what you want to accomplish to keep you out of a situation you could avoid. Of course we hope you choose us for your next design, revision or other projects but understand if you don’t. Call us or send us an email for more details and to set up a free consultation.

October special!

Our Monthly Special for the Month of October. A six page, Food/Recipe related website with three alternating backgrounds and alternating main image on the home page. Your pictures and your content for $599. Don’t miss out on this awesome website opportunity. Contact us for more details at or

Web Site Design

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to our site and thank you for taking the time to look around and see what our business platform can do for you. Our business building platform coupled with our extensive background in marketing and consulting gives you the tools you need to make your business a success all in one place. We offer a full range of graphic design work from logos to complete ad layout and design. We can also show you how to effectively market those designs to reach their full potential. We have the ability to not only track urls we can also implement traceable and recordable phone numbers into all aspects of your business. This enables us to show you exactly where your dollars are giving you the best ROI (Return on Investment). We also offer SEO, SEM, SEP and PPC campaigns to help get the most out of your new online business. Call or email us today and begin shaping your business into the money maker you always wanted.

Websites can be intimidating. We offer complete website building services and can have a complete site up and running for your business in as little as 3 weeks in some cases. Our packages are designed to get the most out of your business and can be custom tailored to fit any business. From basic informational sites to complex e-commerce and lead capturing our designers can transform your vision into a website that works for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to get your business off and running.

Military Service

Many many thanks to all our Military Men, Women and Families who serve our great Nation. One day is not enough to ever repay our gratitude for all that you do! Thank You for your service and sacrifice.

Spark your Business

Moved in to a new office over the last few days and it’s funny how a small change like that can make a difference. The same principal applies to business. Give your business a boost by doing something small but with significant impact. Maybe a new mailer or brochure will spark new interest. Visit with us to help get the spark going again

Recycling in Levelland Texas

Headed out to Levelland today to speak to a group of 4th and 5th graders about recycling with one of our biggest clients The Green Queens.

Website reality

So many times we have visited with clients about websites and what they have to discover they don’t really know what they have.  Yesterday we were faced with the reality of telling another client that the company who built their website basically is holding it hostage and if they stop using them they loose their site.  Why would someone pay in the neighborhood of $2,000 dollars for something and not own it? It’s like ordering a meal at a restaurant and having to give it back when you leave. Sure it was good while you were there but it left a bad taste in your mouth on the way out.  “Big Name” web development companies do that so they can make money like crazy and shuffle clients in like cattle.  A chiropractor friend of ours wanted a new website and in the process of searching for ideas I ran across three other chiropractor sites that were exactly the same as his no wonder that when you typed his specific name into google his website wasn’t even listed.  Obviously we fundamentally disagree with these practices and believe and will always believe that if you pay for a website from us, if and when you decide to go some place else your site goes with you……unless you don’t want it.  We are in business to help business not make it harder.  Hopefully this will make a few people stop and think about their web developer and give you a bit of an insight into our moral philosophy.

New Websites

Whether you want a fresh new look for your website or don’t have one and aren’t sure where to start. We have a solution for you. From upgrades to a complete turn key website we can get your business up and running on the web in as little as three weeks in some cases.  While your thinking about it your competition is doing it.

Monthly Special

Print Special This month – Post Cards 4×6 full color on both sides UV coated on Front 16pt. Cardstock 5,000 for $127.50 that’s .025 cents per piece.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is crucial to any successful business.  It is the absolute best way to increase your rank on google, your page rank on major search engines and ultimately increase your bottom line. It would take me hours to explain the benefits and all the steps necessary for an effective SEO campaign.  A few of you reading this have already taken steps to implement SEO through us. If you have not done this yet I urge you to get in touch with Autumn and speak with her in regards to how a SEO campaign can work for you and the benefits it can bring.